Call for Poster Session Abstracts

2018 CALL FOR POSTER ABSTRACTS - DUE on/before 5:00 pm Friday, January 26!
Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center
2018 Annual Telehealth Summit

Hershey Lodge
Hershey Pennsylvania
April 15-17, 2017


Telehealth on Trial

The Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center (MATRC) invites you to submit an abstract for poster presentations at the MATRC 2018 Annual Telehealth Summit. This year telehealth will “go on trial!” We will be covering broad telehealth issues and challenges related to HIPAA, private payers, efficacy, evidence base, and liability. Particular topics of interest are listed below. All submissions should be from original work. The call is open to clinicians, faculty, and students from all disciplines. This year all accepted abstracts meeting requirements will be published in the International Journal of Telerehabilitation. This journal covers topics related to telehealth/telemedicine across disciplines.


  1. Access to Care
    1. Access for patient, family, and/or caregiver
    2. Access for care team
    3. Access to information
  2. Financial Impact and Cost
    1. Financial impact to patient, family, and/or caregiver
    2. Financial impact to care team
    3. Financial impact to health system or payer
    4. Financial impact to society
  3. Experience
    1. Patient, family, and/or caregiver experience
    2. Care team member experience
    3. Community experience
  4. Effectiveness
    1. System effectiveness
    2. Clinical effectiveness
    3. Operational effectiveness
    4. Technical effectiveness


For each poster submission include the following:

  • Poster Category: (Select one primary focus, and make note of any other areas that would be covered by the poster as a secondary focus)
    • Access to Care
    • Financial Impact and Cost
    • Experience
    • Effectiveness
  • Poster Title:
  • Author(s): Include the following for each author, presented in the order of authorship:
    Name, Academic degree(s), Clinical or other designations, Institution/Employer, City, State (abbreviated), Country (abbreviated)
  • Oral Presentation: Yes/No. Please indicate if you would be interested in providing an oral presentation of your poster should such an opportunity be made available on the agenda. Your response to this question will NOT have an impact on scoring or final selection.
  • Abstract: An abstract of 150 - 350 words would best be presented in 1 paragraph (without sub-titles) and include:
    • an introductory statement about the background or purpose of the proposed poster
    • a body section providing an overview of the activity or study (if a research study, include information about research methodology).
    • a concluding section highlighting the poster’s main teaching points and/or results and conclusions of the study. The abstract should be composed in a Word document or using Rich Text Format. Do NOT convert the abstract to a PDF before submission. Do not include references in or after the abstract.
  • Key Words: Designate 3-5 key words to facilitate internet searches upon publication.


Submit a brief biosketch (no more than 75 words). Include at the top of the biosketch the lead presenter’s full name, email address, and phone number.

Abstracts and biosketches must be submitted by email to Margie Tomann at on/before 5:00 PM EST Friday, January 26, 2018. Late submissions will not be reviewed.

Submissions that adhere to the above guidelines will be reviewed and scored by the MATRC Poster Abstract Review Panel. Final selections will be based on: 1) relevance to conference’s four focus areas; 2) the innovative nature of the practice or study; and 3) the quality and clarity of the abstract. Abstracts will undergo review and selection via a blind peer review process. Time and space constraints will dictate the number of posters selected for presentation.

The lead presenter will be notified by email concerning the status of the submission during the week of February 12, 2018. It is expected that the lead presenter will be present with the poster at the Summit*. Poster presentations will take place on April 15-17, 2018. The lead presenter (and any others who plan to present) must register for the Summit. Registration fees are as follows:

For full time students with student ID:

  • Full Conference: $125 (includes receptions, breakfasts and lunches – dinner on Monday evening requires the purchase of a separate ticket)
  • Monday Only: $50 (includes breakfast and lunch for one day)

*Lead presenters who are full time students and have posters selected for presentation will receive a discount code valued at $50 at the time of selection notification. The code can be applied to the day-only registration, making it complimentary or applied to the Full Summit student registration, making the total out of pocket cost for the entire event $75.

For faculty and all other non-student presenters:

  • Full Conference: $350** (includes receptions, breakfasts and lunches – dinner on Monday evening requires the purchase of a separate ticket)

**This is the discounted Early Bird Registration Rate. Faculty and other non-student presenters will be given a registration Code to allow them to register at the Early Bird rate of $350 if they have not yet already registered at that rate prior to notification.

Please direct all questions concerning this call for poster abstracts to Anita Browning at or 434.270.5338.