Judy Greengold

Johns Hopkins Medicine, Director, Johns Hopkins Telemedicine Education Consortium

Judy Greengold, MSN, CRNP is a seasoned Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner and educator at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Armstrong Institute Center for Diagnostic Excellence, and Johns Hopkins Telemedicine Education Consortium.  She aims to leverage her expertise as a nationally recognized leader in telehealth and primary care to rigorously design, develop, and research practices in the strategic and safe use of technology to bring the highest levels of care, access, and equity to the communities we serve.  As Director of the Johns Hopkins Telemedicine Education Consortium, Judy works with a team of faculty to research and develop evidence-based guidelines to promote the highest quality of virtual care.  She is a sought-after speaker in international and national settings. Her grant-funded research has investigated the impact of different educational modalities to improve health equity, elevate the telemedicine clinical examination, enhance prevention medicine in primary care, and explore communication strategies to support person and family-centric care.

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