LaToya Mobley

Johns Hopkins Medicine, Pediatric Clinical Social Worker

LaToya Mobley is a Licensed Certified Social Worker- Clinical with a Master’s degree in Social Work from Morgan State University. In her role as the Johns Hopkins Harriet Lane Clinic Social Worker, LaToya focuses on mitigating disparities in medical care. She does this through her advocacy efforts and by supporting people as they navigate the complexities of the health care system. She focuses on keeping social determinants of health at the forefront of health care planning and decision-making for patients and their families. LaToya has participated in two rounds of the Pediatric Integrated Care Collaborative to focus on trauma-informed care in urban communities as well as to address racial justice and trauma in pediatric health settings.

LaToya supervises and mentors graduate level social work students, teaching them about patients, families and social determinants of health in Baltimore. LaToya is involved with the spirit campaign at the Harriet Lane primary and subspecialty care clinics at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Over the past eight years, in partnership with Johns Hopkins’ Community Connections program, this group has worked to ensure that children and families with limited resources are provided with gifts during the holiday season. To expand her outreach in the community, LaToya actively explores and forms relationships with community organizations in Baltimore.

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