Robert McKenna

Health Resources and Services Administration, Deputy Regional Adminstrator

Dr. McKenna has 30 years experience managing public health programs and services in a variety of settings. Currently Rob is Deputy Regional Administrator in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HRSA), where he is responsible for conducting public health surveillance; developing strategic stakeholder partnerships; and providing leadership throughout Region 3 on HRSA’s mission. Among other positions held prior to joining HRSA in August 2012, Rob was Director of Training and Performance Improvement at an HHS grantee organization, where he served as Principle Investigator of the Region III Family Planning Training Center from 1999, and the National Male Training Center for Family Planning and Reproductive Health from 2009. Additionally, Dr. McKenna was a Senior Public Health Practice Professor in Arcadia University’s Community and Global Health Programs from 2001-2016. Rob holds a MS in Health Education and a PhD in Training and Performance Improvement. Dr. McKenna’s areas of expertise include reproductive health, drug use/abuse, health behavior, program planning and evaluation, and training and performance improvement.

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