COVID-19 Policies for Summit Attendees

By registering to attend the MATRC Telehealth Summit, I:

  • Acknowledge that due to the circumstances created by COVID-19 and its variants, there is a heightened degree of risk associated with traveling and gathering, and I agree to take full, personal responsibility for those risks and waive any rights to bring suit against individuals or organizations associated with this event in connection with exposure, infection, and/or spread of COVID-19.
  • Acknowledge that if I am at heightened risk of severe illness (are immuno-compromised, have underlying medical conditions, etc.), it is my responsibility to take extra precautions, including staying up-to-date with vaccines; wearing a well-fittng, high-quality mask or respirator; and increasing space and distance from others.
  • Agree to monitor my own health status. Should I begin to feel unwell after my arrival at the event, I will immediately notify event staff and isolate in my room until I receive a negative test for COVID. Test kits will be made available at the event. Should I test positive for COVID, I understand that I will not be permitted to return to the event, but will have full access to all event recording and materials after the event.
  • Understand that event staff will be following CDC guidelines/recommendations regarding events and gatherings at the time of the event and agree to comply with any appropriate health and safety measures should conditions and CDC guidelines change between when I register for the event and the start of the event.
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