MATRC 2024

Protected: MATRC Session Moderator and Presenter Resources

Task 1: Moderator Pre-Event Session Planning Questionnaire: Due on/before midnight on Thursday February 29, 2024

Moderators should arrange to connect with their session presenter(s) to discuss the run show. We encourage creativity and interactivity (as appropriate) based on the goals and objectives of the session. Death by PowerPoint is neither a requirement nor an expectation, but it is of course an option if the group feels this is the best way to convey the content. Please accesss, complete and submit this questionnaire on/before midnight on Thursday February 29, 2024 (it’s a Leap Year, you get a whole extra day).

Task 2: Session Materials (presentations, handouts, etc): Due on/before midnight on Monday April 1, 2024

If you plan to use a PowerPoint slide deck for your presentation:

Presenters at #MATRC2024 must use the MATRC Summit template for the Cover/Title Slide (Slide 1) and the Thank You For Attending Session Feedback Slide for their final slide (Slide 5 in the template). Please note that the PowerPoint Template includes a “Conflict of Interest Disclosures” slide (Slide 2). You are only required to include this slide if your session has CE/CME credits attached to it. Presenters may use their own templates for the remaining slides if desired, provided the 16:9 aspect ratio is maintained. If a presenter is affiliated with a commercial entity, company logos should only appear on the Title Slide (Slide 1).   Please be mindful of this if you are using your own slide templates,  All presenters must ensure that presentation content is educational in nature and does not have the appearance of promoting/endorsing a particular company or selling a particular product/service.

Important, please read:

By default, all presentations will be distributed as a handout (PDF) to attendees. If you DO NOT want your presentation to be made available to attendees, please add the following phrase somewhere prominently visible on the Cover/Title Slide (Slide 1): “Not for Distribution”.  Please submit presentations in PowerPoint format.  We will do the conversion to PDF once they have been reviewed and finalized.

If you will be including one or more live poll questions in your presentation, please insert a slide with the poll question in the location(s) where the poll(s) will take place during your presentation.

If you will be embedding or wanting to play an audio or video clip as part of your presentation, please include the URL where that file may be found online on the same slide where that audio or video file is embedded.  If the file is not available online or you will want us to play something that is not embedded in the slide, please upload the file along with your PowerPoint slide deck.

We encourage all presenters to include other handouts/materials that could serve as educational resources for our attendees.  Even if you are not using a PowerPoint slide deck for your presentation, you are welcome to include one as a resource and to upload any other materials that you feel may be of value to our attendees. 

Once you have gathered your resources and completed your PowerPoint slide deck, please save all items using the following naming format:  TypeofResource_PresentationDay_PresenterLastName_ShortSessionTitle.  See the following as examples:

  • Presentation_Wednesday_Smith_RemoteMonitoring.ppt
  • Resource_Wednesday_Smith_RemoteMonitoring.pdf
  • Video_Wednesday_Smith_RemoteMonitoring.mp4

Please finalize all presentations and gather all resources you would like to share with attendees and upload them on/before midnight on Monday April 1, 2024 (really, that’s not an April Fool’s joke!)

Social Media Toolkit for #MATRC2024 Speakers

Instructions for Using Your Customized Speaker Graphic

Open this Dropbox Folder:
Find the graphic for your session.
Download the graphic to your computer.
Post to your favorite social media site(s). We suggest tagging other panelists/moderators and their organizations where applicable, along with the hashtag for our event. Use #MATRC2024. Here are a few sample posts.

Sample Post 1: I’m speaking at #MATRC2024! Join me along with @_______, @________, and @________ for a great discussion on _____[topic]______. It’s not too late to register:

Sample Post 2: Want to know more about ____[topic]______? Join me at #MATRC2024 where I will be speaking along with @_______, @________, and @________ . It’s not too late to register:

Sample Post 3: Ready to explore____[topic]______? Be part of the conversation at #MATRC2024. I will be speaking along with @_______, @________, and @________. It’s not too late to register:

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